Model 1110 — WCPC

  • A general-purpose, high-flow, water-basedcondensation particle counter.
  • Detects and counts particles down to 10 nm at rates up to 106 particles per second, for measurement over a wide range of concentration.
  • User-friendly touch-screen control of advanced software.
  • Low-maintenance, low-consumption, floodproof water management.


The Model 1110 WCPC is a new condensation particle counter using water as the working fluid. The unique single-flow mixing mechanism of the Model 1110 induces condensational growth to detect particles as small as 10 nm at a sample flow rate of 3 L/min, all within a package of modest size. This is accomplished by a rotating flow of a warm saturated aerosol in a cold condenser to create cooling, mixing and condensation particle growth. With a large 8” touch-screen interface, a robust fluid handling system and water as a benign working fluid, the Model 1100 is a user-friendly and environmentally-friendly instrument for aerosol research, indoor and outdoor air uality measurements, health effects research, and industrial applications.


Superb Counting – Single-particle counting with real-time, live-time coincidence correction for accurate measurement at high concentrations. At low concentrations, the high sample flow rate minimizes measurement uncertainty. 
Low Maintenance – Continuous operation for 10 days with just 0.5 L of water. Simple, robust water management minimizes accidental drying of wick material and virtually eliminates flooding, thereby minimizing downtime.
User-Friendly – Touch-screen control of advanced software facilitates measurement, data analysis, PDF report generation, and data transfer via USB.
Environmentally Friendly – With water as the working fluid and HEPA-filtering of the exhaust, the Model 1110 is suitable for use in the cleanest environments.


  • Large 8” (200 mm) touch-screen color display
  • Low water consumption (~ 2 mL/hr)
  • Simple, robust water management system
  • Removable wicking material
MSP監測器water-base CPC