The BGI tetraCal® is a simple-to-use, NIST Traceable Standard for volumetric air flow, barometric pressure, and ambient temperature. The tetraCal® system is designed to tolerate a wide range of adverse field conditions including hot and cold temperatures as well as high relative humidity. The field portable tetraCal® is the perfect solution for calibrating environmental and industrial hygiene air sampling instruments.


The BGI tetraCal® Ultra is a variation of the tetraCal®. It is named “ULTRA” because it meets the needs of so many more users Worldwide. There are few, if any modern environmental air samplers who’s calibration needs are not serviced by the Ultra. 


The BGI PQ200-FRM Sampler incorporates BGI’s pioneering technology to meet the requirements for ambient particulate sampling dictated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. This includes the design of novel PM10, PM2.5 and PM1 Inlets, Volumetric sample flow rate control, data logging and software for report and data processing. The sampler is based upon the BGI PQ family of ambient particulate samplers and has demonstrated its use since 1997 in a multitude of domestic and international sampling scenarios. Most recently the introduction of the BGI miniPM Inlet, the PQ200 can be operated at sampling sites as high as 15,000 feet (4572meters) elevation. 
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